Thursday, October 25, 2007

1 more day till I leave Fredericton

And I won't return to Fredericton again without having my son with me...sooo very neat to think the next time I arrive home, Nathaniel will be in my arms!
I have one more day to go and I am going just a bit nutsy hehe. I went out today and bought a neck money holder, I have one for the waist..but I did not find there was enough room for passports, tickets, money, so I bought the neck one as well. So now I am all set. I went to the bank and got 50 GB pounds for the Heathrow Airport (hopefully I won't spend that all in one place :) :) )
I had a lot of 20 USD bills so I went to the bank and exchanged them for 100 USD bills. I don't know how much cash I should exchange into Birr right away. I am thinking 600 maybe?? What did everyone else do. I have to pay Guesthouse and Selemnah in US really I am not sure how much Birr to have??
I found a great way to bring the Umbrella Stroller. I have put it into the bag that use to carry the canvas chairs that we use for summer camping. It fits great and it gives me a bag and handle to carry it in.

One last post tommorrow..then it will be quiet around here for a while.



Julie M. said...

One more day! YEAH!

We exchanged about half our money at first, then the rest later (or else you will have a HUGE wad of cash to carry around....remember it will be 7 times as thick as what you have now). Also, we only had to pay Salemnah & the guest house on the last day we were there, so you probably will be the same & won't have to exchange their money until the end.

Enjoy this very last day Louise!


Sarah said...

I'm so excited for you! This has been such a long haul.. and almost done! All the best- you deserve it!
Can't wait to hear from you when you get back!

Lisa, Pierre, Marika & Karelle said...

Louise with CAFAC (in July), we paid Selamneh and the guesthouse on our first full day there and we paid in US dollars .. much easier than having to exchange everything like we did Julie and I in Feb.. so dont' worry about that...

As for birr, I would go with 600, you should be good for a few days... there is one day we went shopping and I had no birr left and we didn't have time to go to the bank so always make sure you have enough on you in case you stop somewhere as sometimes you only go somewhere once.... oh and if you see something you like, BUY It cause the next time you go it might not be there even if its the same store or you may not return..

OHHHHH can't believe.. only one more day !!! YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!

Sooo excited for you....


Gina said...

Louise, I'm so excited for you! Just one more day!!

I exchanged about 1000 Birr and it kept us going for awhile. Selamneh was happy to drive us over to the Hilton to exchange more whenever we needed to go. We also paid him and the guest house right away. Remember to save some money to pay the guest house at the end of your stay if you use the Internet, buy coffee or bottled water from them, etc.

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Will you be traveling with a group?


Corrie said...

Oh Louise!!! We are SO VERY EXCITED for you here!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you and your gorgeous son together!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow... one more day!! I am so excited for you!

I think I exchanged about $300 US into birr the first time, and then a little more halfway through the trip. And I paid my guesthouse bill up front just to get rid of more cash.


Carissa said...

Have a great trip! And cannot wait to see you as a mommy!

Lyle, Sheri & Mikiyas said...

So very excited for you.
We exchanged about 1000 birr, then we only needed to exchange one more time during the time we were there, while others had to go back to exchange a few times.

Wow... I can't believe the time has come. You deserve these moments!!

Trevor & Jill said...

I'm sitting here at 8:19am in my office wondering what your doing at this EXACT minute and the feelings that you must be experiencing today.I wish I was there having coffee with you and seeing the look on your face.
Wishing you all the best.

haze said...

It must be weird to look around the house and know that this is the last time you will see it before Nathaniel is home with you.

Have a wonderful trip, Louise.

Alicia & John Norris said...

Congrats Louise. I hope you have a safe trip. You must be so excited! All the best!