Thursday, March 08, 2007

One Year Ago today...

Its really neat to look back and reflect. Even though this journey at times feels like it is going in slow motion, in reality life is speeding by at an incredible pace. A year ago today I had my last homestudy visit. My social worker came to the house this day last year, oh what a stressful day. I remember cleaning and organizing...I even washed the outside of the patio doors....which let me tell you does not work that well in the middle of winter :). But once I was done, waiting for her to come I started to panic thinking oh no, its too clean HAHAHA it was too perfect...maybe I needed to make it look more lived in...aww well too late...she was in the driveway.
She came in, took a very very quick tour of the house, came and sat at the kitchen table for the next hour. Then she was done. Wow all that work, all that worry was done, over with. All I had to do was wait for her to write up the report. I remember feeling so happy that the visits were done. It was one more step closer to bringing my baby home. If you had of told me at that time that I woud still be waiting for a referral a year later...I would have scoffed at you...but ahh life makes its on way...and one has little control of destiny. My child is simply not ready yet for me to be aware who he or she is. And I will wait for that!



Lyle & Sheri said...

Ohhhh Louise! I am reminiscing with you. Thanks for sharing. I can't wait for you to get your referral!

Love Sheri

Lisa & Pierre said...


I remember this day and I remember all the emails that we were sending back and forth then about your visit.... hard to beleive its a year ago already...

I also CANNOT wait for your refferal to come and for you to see a picture of your baby for the first time !!!