Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I left for Ethiopia on October 29th, and arrived there at 2 am on the 31st. The airport is Addis is nice. The Metal Detectors are very old though (I think). Getting through was no problem...except when we were getting our luggage...a man (who had no id) wanted our luggage tags. I had to assume he worked at the airport. We got our luggage and met Selemnah our driver.
On the way to the guesthouse he asked me if I wanted to see Nathaniel that day...ofcourse I did. We were sooooo excited to get to the Guesthouse. Finally I was in Ethiopia. The guard and Selemnah brought our luggage up for us to the 2nd floor and we settled to sleep. 7 am I woke up WIDE AWAKE!!! That was not a great idea...4 hrs of sleep after 24+ hrs of travelling. But we got unpacking and went down for Breakfast. The breakfast at the guesthouse is really quite good. We got orange juice and tea every morning. I had an omlet most mornings and Hillary had the pancakes.
Selemnah came at 10 and said we could leave in 15 mins. I ran up those stairs soooo fast and started packing a bag. I threw in toys, clothes, diapers, bottles...I had no idea what I would need.
Off to the van we went and met Selemnah downstairs.
Soon we were off. I had not seen Addis in the daytime yet and this was quite an eyeopener. So many people, so many disabled men, so many children selling kleenexs. There were women cutting the grass by hand with a small hatchet (no lawn mowers there). Soon we were going down a dirt road and we stopped outside a gate. I asked if we were here,...and we were. The gates opened and one of the caregivers met us. I was already crying. We were ushered into that famous living room with those awesome couches. I have been waiting forever to sit on that couch and see my son come through the doors. Haregewain came in and we hugged for what seemed forever.
Soon Nathaniel was in my arms...I couldn't believe it. He was real and I could hug and kiss him FINALLY!
After about 10 minutes he relaxed a bit and we played. Selemnah then came in and asked if I wanted to take him with me today...OFCOURSE I DID!!! (Not thinking about the 4 hrs of sleep I got). So after getting formula and Diapers we were back at the guesthouse. He had a great day (minus a few crying bouts after his nap). And was in bed by 730. I was soooo happy to have my head hit the pillow with my sweet baby boy sleeping in the little crib next to my bed!
More on Day 2 to come.


Heather Blake said...

I love your first photo where you are obviously seeing him for the first time! What a great shot! I notice that boy sleeps with his eyes open like Samra....!!

Lisa, Pierre, Marika & Karelle said...

Oh Louise !!!

I'm SOOOO excited to be reading about your trip finally !!!!

I love the first picture of you and the couch.... you can tell exactly what you are feeling... best feeling in the world huh....

Can't wait to read more !


Rhonda & Kristin said...

Welcome back!! Thanks for sharing pictures of Nathaniel with all of us. I love hearing families come home with their children, and pray that ours will be soon!


Funkdubius said...

ok, trying this again

I love the first picture, where you are seeing him for the first time... it made me cry!
So glad to see you are home and read about your trip! Looking forward to seeing more!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Louise and Nathaniel!!!!
I've been a checking your blog to see some pictures of the cute little
Glad to see your home and doing so well...congrats

haze said...

Welcome home Louise and Nathaniel!

It's great to read about your first meeting. Sounds like it went really well and you are both settling in with each other.

I look forward to hearing about the rest of the trip and seeing more pictures of your beautiful son.

Lyle, Sheri & Mikiyas said...

Yay Louise. I can't say Yay enough to all your pictures, posts, emails and comments! I'm so happy for you. He fits perfectly in your arms. What a joy. This brings back so many memories, and so much excitement. You deserve every sweet second!

Julie M. said...

OK Louise, you have ruined me for the rest of the day (I don't know why I torture myself and read these things at work LOL). That first picture of you bent over is so expressive, I almost feel like I was there, and I have shivers looking at it! You have such a cute little baby boy! I am sure he & Mulu will be great friends!


esther said...

welcome back!!!
he is so precious, congrats louise!!!

David & Jody Vriend said...

Welcome home!! He is sure beautiful (oops, handsome) and the two of you paint a beautiful picture. Congrats!!!!

Alicia Norris said...

Welcome Nathaniel and Louise! I love the pictures. Can't wait to read more about your trip and Nathaniel, he is so cute.

A Special Family said...

Oh Louise, I am so very very happy for you! He is simply beautiful, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Can't wait to read more!

Mommy-To-Channing said...

YAYYYYY!!! Finally I get to see pictures of your little man!!! Nat is so CUTE!!! CONGRATS so much Louise. I love the 1st picture....that expression brings back memories of my GOTCHA day with Channing. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! So how are you adjusting to being Mommy? It will take about a month and then you will settle into a routine, and get your energy back!! I'm at month 3 and everything is PERFECT!!!
Take care and keep in touch!!

Danielle and Nick said...

BEAUTIFUL photos Louise - especially the first one of you on the couch!! I am just beyond happy that you and your beautiful little Nathaniel are finally united forever and you can just have fun enjoying motherhood!!

I look forward to reading in the months to come!!