Friday, December 15, 2006

The decision to be EXCITED

Well the last few weeks with all the referrals coming in, especially with the April and May families, I have been trying to keep my excitement and anticipation in check. Well I have decided (with Lisa :) :) ) that we all deserve and have a right at this point to shout to the sky and be excited. My gosh this new year is gonna bring us all our babies home....and we are all gonna be mommies and daddies in the new year. That is reason enough to be excited!!!! So I say lets get excited, lets laugh, cry, shudder with anticipation, and lets get ready, our babies are coming home!
The girls in the unit (where I work), they are all so excited, and talk about it constantly. I can already tell you who will be hosting the shower...she is already talking about it LOL. Everyone asks constantly about the baby, any news, plans, etc. Its nice that everyone is excited. The other great thing is that it is impowering them to make change. This year for Christmas the unit is sending money to africa to provide prenatal and antenatal care to expecting moms and their babies to prevent the transfer of HIV from mom to baby. They could have given their money to a local charity, but this year they chose to do this.....and it touches me so deeply. We also have a book club at work,, and one of the girls really wants to read the "There is no me without you" book for the book club (I have already given it to her to read....and she was so touched and disturbed by the reality that she didn't know). I know that this book has completely changed her outlook on the AIDS epidemic in Africa.
See our children are already making change and having a positive effect in the people around us and they aren't even home yet.....what is that quote..."and a child shall lead them"


Kate M said...

Oh Louise, what a wonderful post. I can't wait for you to get your daughter home, I am so very excited for you both. Have a look at my blog, I have some adoption new, even potential Ethiopian adoption news. So glad I found your blog!

Lisa & Pierre said...


I'm with you and I'm getting REALLY excited as well !!!!

This will be the last Christmas without our babies.... seems so unreal to think about that huh !!


Lyle & Sheri said...

You are still celebrating Christmas with your baby ... in your heart. It is so good to see that the excitement hasn't worn off in those around you with the long wait.

Merry Christmas!

Kate M said...

Louise, I hope you had a good Christmas! I couldn't find your email address, mine is .
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!