Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Homestudy Update

Today I had my homestudy update with the sw. I also did our 1 yr Post Placement report...the last one the sw has to do. It was really nice to get together with M again as we hadn't seen her since this spring.
So it will probably take 2 weeks to write it up and then it will go off to Provincial Approval. So it should be at Imagine by Mid October.

I think, well realistically I know that I am sort of setting myself up for a court closure referral. Right now the wait time is 6+ months ...some have been waiting 7 I am gonna say 8 months for referral. And that would put me mid no court date before closure. Hopefully that won't happen..but better to prepare for that than not.

Updating my homestudy brought back all the emotions of the first one I did over 2 1/2years ago. I had some stress (well a lot) of stress associated with that first it brought back some of those old emotions tonight. But I feel good about the meeting and hope for a quick provincial approval!

So here it goes...I will keep updating this blog on process number 2!!


Heather Blake said...

I'm right here with you and can't wait to hear about your daughter! I remember so far back as when your first logged onto the site before you even were offical for your first adoption....congrats and high five!!!
Heather and brood!

haze said...

Wow, the ball is rolling again! Congrats, Louise. I hope the timing all works out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Louise - long time no chat. Just wanted to see how the 2nd adoption process was coming along....

So, you are all done your homestudy? That is great. It's nice at least the second time that you know what they are going to ask you, etc. Although apparently they have some questions about a couple's sexual history or something now :-) Glad we avoided that one! ha ha

Take care -